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Here are the MathTornado game rules.


First sort out the cards with the +/- sign, the = and the “rule” card.

Shuffle the deck and deal out every player 5 cards, and an additional card if only two players participate. Then draw 3 cards and put them on the table. Now the players can make the calculation which they have to solve (see left picture). Card 1, card (+/-), card 2, card (=), card 3.

The 3 cards give origin to 3 calculations - in every row one. For example the first blue row says (1) (+/-)  (6) =  (16).

This line is of course wrong. Now each player has to correct one of these rows by laying down one of his cards onto the first, second or third pile. He may use any number in a positive sense (e.g. +10) or in a negative sense (e.g. - 10) just as he wishes. 

The game begins:

Every player checks his cards if (whether) he can complete a row in a correct way He may play his card anytime but there is a rule indicating how to lay down cards. The blue row may only be solved left on the first pile, the red row only on the middle pile and the green row only on the right pile. So every player has to check only 3 spaces on the board (see picture right). This rule is valid until a player has 2 cards or less left. In this case the player may lay down his card on any pile if his calculation is correct.

Every time someone lays down a card, this changes naturally all calculations which are possible – this is the tornado which spins all the time. So it is important to be quick. If two players lay down a card at the same time they have to challenge each other. A quick game of “rock, paper, scissors” will decide which card may stay and which card has to be taken back. (see

Is there no card which fits into the calculations the player says “PASS”. If all players passes, each player takes a new card from the deck and the player who passed first decides on which pile a new card will be put down, then draws a card from the pile and lays it down there without checking if it fits.

If the deck has been emptied, you take the cards laying under the top cards of each pile, shuffle them and use these cards as new deck.

Does a player lay down a wrong card, any other player may knock on the table as long as no new card was laid down. If the “knocker” was right, the false playing player has to draw a card from the deck and the knocking player gives him one of his cards too. The wrongly played card stays on the pile where it was. The knocking player who was wrong has to draw a new card from the deck. If a player discovers his error before all others he may take back his card without any penalty.

As mentioned above a player with one or two cards left may “jump”. He has to announce that he is able to “jump” by saying “jump” and may lay down his cards on any pile which fits.

The player who has laid down all of his cards first is the winner of the game


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